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Legal Loan Singapore is working hard to find you the best legal moneylender in Singapore

Legal & Licensed Money Lender Open on Weekends

There are so many money lenders in Singapore but unfortunately not many of them operate on weekends. Most of them are open from Monday to Friday only. This means that if you work shifts or normal office hours, you will have to rush to their office after work. 

Luckily, we were able to find a few money lenders open on the weekends! They are listed above! In addition, they are one of the best in Singapore as well. Based on the reviews they have receive online, we can see that they have consistently perform well. To ensure that they are as good as many people have said, we visited their offices. We are so glad to inform you that they are as good as people say. Their office is super clean and even has a bank environment feel. Unlike others who are small and cramp and smell of smoke! We have visited some offices that has a lingering smoke smell. That was just a horrible feeling and we got out as soon as possible. 

Next, their staff are very well train. We can tell from the second we step into the office. Because all of them are ready to attend to you and know exactly what they are doing. Their service is great and very professional. We have no complains after visiting the offices listed here. 

If you are looking for another opinion on these money lenders, you can do a quick search online. Remember, it is always better to visit a good money lender even thou they may not be super near you. Going to a horrible money lender will give you lots of trouble further down the road. 

Legal Loan Singapore

We are here to provide you with our views on which legal money lenders are the best. We have put them through many test to check before we recommend any of them to you 🙂 This is because if I’m someone who is in need of cash, I want to solve my problem not have even more on my plate. Do not be afraid to approach money lenders just because of what you see or read on the news. Not all money lenders behave that way. The news only mention the bad money lender because many people assume money lenders as loan sharks. Remember what your teacher taught you! Never judge a book by its cover. 

The money lenders above are the better ones you can find in Singapore. If you are still unsure, you can visit their office to take a look for yourself! If you still feel uncomfortable taking a loan with them, then just walk out of the office. Just because you went in for a simple consultation does not mean you have to commit to taking a loan with them. 

Just remember never take a loan from loan sharks because you will be in massive trouble and debts after that. 

Any further questions? You can drop us a message or call us at +65 6871 4268. Our team is happy to answer your queries as long as it is regarding money lenders 🙂 

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so few of them open on the weekends, went to best credit in the end even thou a bit far. but no regrets sia. quite good place.
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